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331 West Main Street
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Durham, NC 27701


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Reinvigorating the built environment
by restoring + reimagining resilient places

Balancing preservation + innovation

Driven by a passion for heritage and a vision for tomorrow, we commit to sustainable practices that honor the past while embracing the future. Through collaborative partnerships, innovative designs, and a deep understanding of community needs, we foster spaces where generations can thrive, connect, and prosper, ensuring a legacy of vibrant, adaptive urban landscapes.

We revitalize manmade environments by preserving what’s valuable from the past and innovating for the future, resulting in places that are robust, adaptable, and enduring.


This iconic building in downtown Durham, NC, is an elaborate Art Deco centerpiece in the heart of the city.

Our first property in Richmond, VA, this historic downtown structure boasts a majestic iron-front façade classic to its era.

This premier downtown Durham office building is all about location, serving as a central anchor to exciting city development.

Initially a skating rink, this unique building in Scotts Addition neighborhood of Richmond sits in the heart of a bourgeoning area.

This prominent high rise in downtown Raleigh, NC, built in 1930, has been renovated to showcase its historical significance and improve its potential.

Built in 1911, this historic residential mansion is currently the homebase of HEM + SPIRE and stands as a premier location of potential in the heart of Durham.

Sitting between Durham and Chapel Hill, this new suburban commercial property sits in a premier location in the Triangle.

Currently for sale, this fully renovated commercial property in the Manchester area of Richmond is located just across the James River from downtown.

Purchased by HEM + SPIRE in 2017 and sold in 2019, this professional center sits in an ideal location in downtown Durham, NC.

The first property purchase in Durham for HEM + SPIRE, this three-story office building was renovated to include a rooftop terrace and sold in 2021.

Buy Box

Our “buy box” represents our comprehensive strategy for identifying and acquiring prime commercial properties with the potential to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns and create differentiated projects. Our seasoned team of real estate professionals employs rigorous analysis and industry insights to ensure successful execution, driving value for both our investors and the properties we acquire.

Property types

Mixed-use adjacent office – Class B or historic office properties capable of conversion (via covered land redevelopment or adaptive re-use) into or adjacent to mixed-use developments.

Flex industrial – Single-story flex industrial buildings in suburban nodes that are becoming increasingly infill.

Medical office properties – Class B office properties suitable for conversion to medical office or existing medical office properties adjacent to established medical and life science clusters.

Multifamily – Ground-up multifamily development sites in thriving submarkets with growth potential.

Retail centers – Well-positioned shopping centers with stable tenant rosters and potential for value-add enhancements.

Geographic focus

Our investment scope spans metropolitan areas largely across the Carolinas and Georgia, with a focus along the I-85 corridor from Richmond, VA, to Hunstsville, AL, targeting cities with robust economic fundamentals and diversified industries. Priority markets include, but are not limited to, Raleigh, Durham, and Charlotte, NC, Huntsville, AL, and Greenville, SC.

Investment strategy

Value-add opportunities – We identify properties with value-add potential, allowing us to leverage our expertise in strategic adaptive repositioning, renovations, and tenant improvements.

Redevelopment optionality – We invest in properties with credible and near-term opportunities to unlock accretive business plans that expand the property beyond its current use.

Holistic programming + tenanting – We target micro-locations where we can offer unique services and tenants that create a sense of community, hospitality, and differentiation.

Risk-adjusted returns – We establish data-driven investment decisions with a strong focus on risk-adjusted returns, carefully balancing potential upside with perceived risks.

Deal size

Target deal sizes typically range from $10 million to $30 million, allowing us to diversify our portfolio while maintaining a strategic focus on each investment.

Investment horizon

Our investment horizon ranges from 3 to 7 years, aligning with market trends and the time required for value creation, stabilization, and potential disposition.

Investor requirements

We work with institutional investors, high-net-worth individuals, and family offices who share our long-term vision and commitment to realizing the full potential of each investment.

Exit strategy

Our exit strategy involves evaluating opportunities for profitable divestment, including potential sale to institutional investors, property syndications, or other strategic avenues.



Hem + Spire partners with best-in-class investors to collaborate with across development, construction, design, and operation.

Lending partners

Hem + Spire utilizes the top national and regional lending partners. We emphasize diligence, transparency, and proactive communication to yield the best possible execution of projects.

Community stakeholders

Hem + Spire collaborates within the community to recognize the interests, needs, and perspectives of these stakeholders leading to more informed and holistic decision-making.