Durham Is Smart Business

Durham’s a home run for commercial real estate. It’s got everything: strong market fundamentals, solid local industries, prestigious universities on the rise, a dynamic culture, and lots to do. Durham is able to cater to a lot of growth. Investing in it is just smart business—and the ROI will only get better with time.

Population Growth in 10 Years
Companies Based in Durham
Forecasted GDP per Capita in 2018
Most Educated City In US

We’re most interested in value-add investment opportunities, and inject capital into properties with existing cash flow. By improving building systems and amenities, reducing operational inefficiencies, and refitting spaces, we are ensuring the long-term cash flow and value of our properties, as well as the economy of the city they serve.

We’ve done the math, and we can show you our work. If you’re looking for a fresh investment with long-term plans for growth, we want to meet you.