One of our most unique properties is getting a makeover, inside and out. We’re opening up the floor plan of the second floor and adding a functional terrace on the third floor. Not only does this boost the profile of the building, but creates a very unique opportunity for the next tenants to choose Rigsbee as their office space.


The focal point of the new design is the butterfly roof line. This was chosen to reflect purpose, form, and, of course, aesthetics. Functionally, the design allows more light to brighten the space, and its height creates a sense of openness. It was important that the new design flows with the existing structure, and that the butterfly shape coheres with the building’s geometry.

2nd FLoor

The renovation to the second floor is based on an open concept. The changes to the bathrooms, conference room, and fixtures throughout will provide a more modern feel. At the same time, the creation of space gives the new tenant the flexibility to choose how to utilize the space.

3rd Floor

The highlight of this renovation is the walk-out terrace, whose design facilitates movement, activity, and interaction. Encouraging employees to take breaks by breathing fresh air lifts moods, improves focus, and promotes productivity. It’s important to us that we create inspirational spaces that are not only pleasing to the eye, but serve a greater purpose.